Exploratory Drilling on Altcar Moss

Aurora Energy Resources recently submitted a “scoping request” for opinion to Lancashire County Council (LCC). This confirms their plans for exploratory drilling / fracking on Altcar Moss. LCC have 5 weeks to provide an opinion, unless a longer period is agreed with the applicant.

Aurora propose initially to drill two boreholes at the Altcar Moss site. The first will be a vertical well which will be drilled through the entire thickness of the prospective Bowland/Hodder shale section. Core samples of the various shale units will be collected for analysis. A second borehole will then be drilled, initially vertically and then horizontally for approximately 1,500m within a specific target layer.

Aurora Site II

​Whilst the exact position of the horizontal borehole has yet to be finalised, it will be contained within the subsurface area marked with a red dashed line in the above plan.

We understand that Aurora is planning a ‘public engagement’ exercise at Haskayne Village Hall on Saturday 17th February; further details to follow asap.