Minister of State Refuted

UK Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, Clare Perry’s reply to a recent query by Bill Esterson MP has been thoroughly refuted by Refracktion.

MP for Sefton Central, Bill Esterson wrote to the Minister of State raising concerns about the safety of shale gas extraction on behalf of his constituents. The letter of reply from Clare Perry contained the usual government platitudes and misleading statements (click letter to view the full reply).

Her assertions that “…there are strong protections in place to ensure the planning concerns of affected local communities are addressed…” directly contradicts her struggle to justify the government’s attempts to remove precisely the protections she refers to.

The letter also contains the “shale gas myth-buster”, which she attached in the hope that Bill Esterson and the constituents of Sefton Central would find it useful. The organisation Refracktion assert that this is an appallingly badly researched, badly written piece of misleading propaganda.

Click here for full details of Refracktion’s debunking of the “shale gas myth-buster”