Aurora Public Information Event

Aurora Energy Resources, the company that wants to frack for shale gas at Great Altcar, just a mile from our Formby Tesco, is holding a second public information evening between 4pm and 7.30pm on Friday the 2nd of November, at Haskayne Village Hall, 109 School Lane, Downholland L39 7JE.

Frack Free Formby strongly urge Formby residents and those who may be affected by Aurora’s planning application, to attend this event to familiarise themselves with what this company are planning and to voice their concerns.

 Why is this consultation so important?

The potential planning application threatens all of north Sefton and south west Lancashire. To be a commercial success and maximise shale gas recovery, energy companies will need to build more well pads and drill many more wells. This might include drilling under the whole of Formby and our nature reserve. We will lose farmland on a massive scale. This will potentially result in large loss of wildlife. There are many concerns over the effects of fracking including effects on health, possible contamination of the water table and earthquakes.

In 2011 the fracking company, Cuadrilla, caused two earthquakes in Blackpool and were then forced to stop drilling. There were no earthquakes again until they recommenced fracking at the same site at Preston New Road less than two weeks ago. Since then, there have been multiple minor quakes in that area on a daily basis. All this is set against the backdrop of global warming and warnings by the UN that we need urgent and unprecedented changes to keep the temperature of our planet under control. One of the major changes is reducing our CO2 emissions and therefore reducing dramatically our burning of fossil fuels……coal, oil and gas.

The meeting at Haskayne is the opportunity to have your say about what Aurora are planning and how it will affect us all in our local area, now and for future generations.