China’s Dirty Fracking Water

In an attempt to move away from dirty coal fired power stations, China is in the midst of a huge fracking boom. In spite of difficult terrain, including mountainous, arid, remote and also highly populated regions, Chinese firms can now drill multiple wells at a single pad (‘well-factory’ drilling) and can carry out extended horizontal fracturing up to 3,000 meters. Reuters

Although still far from the extent found in the USA, a recent survey by oil and gas consultants Wood Mackenzie  reports Chinese energy giants are making significant progress unlocking natural gas from shale rock formations, creating a shale revolution with output scheduled to double by 2020.

China Reuters

Poster in Beijing showing the polluted groundwater (Jason Lee – Reuters)

However, as with all other areas in the world where fracking has taken a hold, things are not going to plan and there are now serious concerns about groundwater pollution. The Financial Times recently reported that in the township of Xiaohaotu in central China, the water is “beyond repair” and residents are engaged in a campaign of protest and have support from people across the country.

Printable Version of Petition to LCC

We urge Lancashire County Council to refuse planning consent to Aurora Energy Resources Ltd. for an exploratory wellsite on the Moss near Great Altcar. The online petition is available on the 38 Degrees website here.

If you would like to help collect signatures yourself, a downloadable / printable version of the petition is available by clicking on the image below or on this link Petition to LCC

Petition image

This can be handed in at the Frack Free Formby Saturday stall in Formby Village or alternatively, please contact us for a postal address. Many thanks for your support.

Public Meeting Postponed

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Frack Free Formby is postponing The Gild Hall meeting on the 27th of November until further notice.

Meanwhile, please sign the online petition to Lancashire County Council which is on the Frack Free Formby Facebook page and on the 38 Degrees website. We will also be in Formby village with a paper petition on Saturday mornings.

Petition image

If you would like to help collect signatures yourself, a downloadable / printable version of the petition is available by clicking on the image above or on this link Petition to LCC 

This can be handed in at the Saturday stall or please contact us for a postal address.
Many thanks for your support.



Statement by Bill Esterson MP

Sefton Central Labour MP called for an immediate ban on fracking, when he spoke in the fracking debate in Parliament on 31 October 2018.

Bill Esterson

Mr Esterson said, “Fracking in Formby is of great concern for my constituents… the impact on groundwater, the pollution from traffic to and from the fracking site and the danger of burning yet more fossil fuels. The fact that the government overruled Lancashire County Council to allow fracking at Preston New Road, near Blackpool means that decisions are being taken away from local people. You have to ask why. Or is it simply that the voices of the oil and gas industry outweigh those of local people?

“Conservative MPs who say they oppose fracking must vote to reverse the cuts made by their own government to renewable energy and support investment in producing hydrogen gas. Fracking is bad news for local communities and for the local environment. The technology is risky as we have seen with numerous earthquakes near Blackpool. And above all, if we are to survive the threat of climate change, we must stop fracking and invest in wind, solar and tidal energy as well as switching to hydrogen for gas. Only a low carbon energy system can stop dangerous climate change and stop the threat to local communities. That’s why Labour will ban fracking and why I will do all I can to stop fracking at Formby.

“How many earthquakes will it take for the Conservatives to change their minds? The point is the people of Formby can’t afford to wait to find out how dangerous fracking really is and the planet can’t wait any longer for a complete change in how we produce our energy. The Conservatives are taking a reckless gamble with our communities and with the future of the planet. Labour will ban fracking.”


Petition to Lancashire Council

Petition launched to Lancashire County Council against fracking at Great Altcar

Great Altcar

We the undersigned urge Lancashire County Council to refuse planning consent to Aurora Energy Resources Ltd. for an exploratory wellsite on the Moss near Great Altcar for the purpose of Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) for shale gas.

Please click here to sign the petition

Why is this important?

There is a surplus of gas available to the UK even without shale gas exploration and the UK can satisfy its energy requirements using offshore resources and renewables. Shale gas will undermine the country’s climate change obligations and harvesting the gas presents unacceptable risks to the environment and the health of local residents and will consume and contaminate freshwater resources.

Aurora Public Information Event

Aurora Energy Resources, the company that wants to frack for shale gas at Great Altcar, just a mile from our Formby Tesco, is holding a second public information evening between 4pm and 7.30pm on Friday the 2nd of November, at Haskayne Village Hall, 109 School Lane, Downholland L39 7JE.

Frack Free Formby strongly urge Formby residents and those who may be affected by Aurora’s planning application, to attend this event to familiarise themselves with what this company are planning and to voice their concerns.

 Why is this consultation so important?

The potential planning application threatens all of north Sefton and south west Lancashire. To be a commercial success and maximise shale gas recovery, energy companies will need to build more well pads and drill many more wells. This might include drilling under the whole of Formby and our nature reserve. We will lose farmland on a massive scale. This will potentially result in large loss of wildlife. There are many concerns over the effects of fracking including effects on health, possible contamination of the water table and earthquakes.

In 2011 the fracking company, Cuadrilla, caused two earthquakes in Blackpool and were then forced to stop drilling. There were no earthquakes again until they recommenced fracking at the same site at Preston New Road less than two weeks ago. Since then, there have been multiple minor quakes in that area on a daily basis. All this is set against the backdrop of global warming and warnings by the UN that we need urgent and unprecedented changes to keep the temperature of our planet under control. One of the major changes is reducing our CO2 emissions and therefore reducing dramatically our burning of fossil fuels……coal, oil and gas.

The meeting at Haskayne is the opportunity to have your say about what Aurora are planning and how it will affect us all in our local area, now and for future generations.


Let Communities Decide

Fracking has started in Lancashire. And the government wants to drastically rewrite planning rules that would make it easier for fracking companies to start drilling in search of climate-wrecking fossil fuels across the country.

Let Communities Decide

A huge body of scientific evidence together with almost daily occurrence of extreme global weather informs us that climate change is happening right now. We do not need further fossil fuel extraction for the profit for a few.

Local people and councils will be side-lined. The summer’s heatwaves, droughts and wildfires are the alarm bells of the climate emergency but the government and the fracking industry have failed to listen.

Please sign the Friends of the Earth petition to tell the government it can’t get away with trampling on local democracy and our climate. Urge the government to ensure local councils retain their right to make planning decisions on fracking, and to not allow fracking companies to drill without planning permission.


National Climate Crisis Demo

Saturday 20 October at Preston New Road, Blackpool FY4 5RN

A National Climate Crisis demonstration and rally is being organised by Frack Free Lancashire this Saturday nearby Cuadrilla’s fracking site in Lancashire.

Rally II

With injunctions, changes to permitted development rules, draconian prison sentences, plans to weaken the rules on earthquakes fracking causes – and now the extremely worrying IPCC Report on the need to end ALL fossil fuel usage immediately –  there is MUCH to protest about. 

The UK has experienced the first frack in 7 years at the same time that the IPCC has issued dire warnings about the impact of continuing to burn new sources of fossil fuels. Now is the time to remind the frackers that this is a zombie industry and that we will resist it at every turn.

Now is the time for all of us to show them that we will step up our fight and ensure that every community under threat is ready to stand up and fight. We won’t be bullied and this event is to show the whole country that we will resist the fracking companies wherever they go.

Come to Maple Farm next to Cuadrilla’s fracking site at Preston New Road to hear from speakers from all over the country and let us all make a stand against this unwanted and toxic industry.

Let’s tell the frackers that we have said no and that we will continue to say no.

* No to fracking at Preston New Road
* No to fracking at Roseacre Wood
* No to prison sentences for protectors
* No to permitted development and NSIP
* No to climate change
* No to fracking anywhere and everywhere

All anti fracking groups come together and stand together.

No means No.

In addition to speakers from political parties and trade unions, there will be statements from Kate Raworth & George Monbiot – and also music and food.

Fracking Returns to the UK


Monday 15th October 2018 marks the day when fracking returned to the UK for the first time since 2011. Amid protests and blockades, the oil and gas exploration company Cuadrilla, commenced fracking at the test drill site at Preston New Road near to Blackpool.

“The company will first frack the deeper of the two wells drilled at Preston New Road (PNR). The well is at about 2,300m below the surface and the horizontal section runs for about 800m. Cuadrilla will frack 45 stages of the first well, one each day, starting with the one furthest from the pad. Stages are each 15-50m long and each will use up to 765m3 (765,000 litres) of hydraulic fracturing fluid and up to 75 tonnes (75,000 kg) of sand proppant.” (Drill or Drop).

PNR Site

The planning application from Aurora Energy Resources to commence drilling at Great Altcar is expected anytime soon bringing fears of further industrialisation of the countryside, pollution risks, increased traffic, seismic events and extraction of unnecessary fossil fuel.

Aurora Site II

The scandal of the return of fracking to the UK is that the government as been allowed to force it through in spite of democratic local opposition and at any cost. In addition, the commencement of shale gas extraction comes just days after the Independent Panel on Climate Change reported the urgency to curtail global warming and that fossil fuel use must be cut dramatically. to limit temperature rises to 1.5C.