Hope in the Dark

Yesterday, Aurora Energy Resources announced it has withdrawn its planning application to frack near Formby. A statement from the company said:

“Aurora Energy Resources has today withdrawn its planning application for two shale gas wells at Altcar Moss, West Lancashire. The application was originally submitted to Lancashire County Council in July 2019, but the council failed to make a determination within the agreed statutory 16-week timescale.”

The company blamed a “de facto ban on shale gas activity” for its decision to drop the proposal. (See Drill or Drop and the BBC for further details)

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Local Member of Parliament, Rosie Cooper, said:

“It will be a huge relief to residents that Aurora have finally taken the decision to withdraw their application to frack in Altcar Moss within my constituency. As long as that application was in place, it was clear that fracking companies were relying on lobbying government to overturn the moratorium despite there being no evidence that fracking can be undertaken safely. Hopefully this is the final step in protecting West Lancashire residents from the risks that were evidenced in the reoccurring seismic activity at the Preston New Road fracking site.”

Frack Free Formby and the Moss Alliance welcome the fact that Aurora have withdrawn their application to drill a test well at Great Altcar. Many thanks to the hard work and determination of the local anti fracking groups and the brilliant support from residents and petitioners. Aurora plan to challenge the government on the ‘de facto ban’ but the beautiful countryside at Great Altcar is safe for now.