Newsletter May 2018

  • Aurora are expected to put in a planning application before September 2018 to allow them to frack in our area.
  • If they find enough gas then they will apply for many more well pads to be constructed within the immediate vicinity.
  • Each production well pad will most likely be the size of 2 football pitches and could have up to 4 well heads on the site.
  • The proposed site will be less than 1 mile from Tesco’s Formby.
  • Frack Free Formby is part of The Moss Alliance which has been formed to incorporate all local anti fracking groups, opposing fracking in our area.
  • According to one shale gas company they intend to ‘make the North of England the largest gasfield in Europe’..!
  • Millions of gallons of our drinking water will be used in the processing of shale gas
  • Many HGV tankers and lorries will be required to and from the site – causing further problems on our already busy roads. Our infrastructure may struggle to cope.


  • Chemicals used in this process have been known to cause many health problems and birth defects.
  • Our area is part of the Bowland basin and has many fault lines – making earthquakes a real possibility.
  • We need to stand together against this threat – once an area is fracked and land lost – there is no going back..!


Once fossil fuels, including shale gas, are depleted there will only be one source of energy left for us – renewable energy..! So why are we not pushing ahead with this now..? Other countries are already forging ahead with renewable energy production – but the UK is falling far behind..!


We are told that shale gas is imperative and we will not survive without it, that it is essential ‘to keep our lights on’ but there is an alternative ‘GREEN LIGHT’ on the horizon!! Across the world there is a RENEWABLE ENERGY revolution. Many countries have been investing in renewable energy, forging ahead towards a low carbon future, outstripping some of the wealthiest countries in the world which are now lagging behind.


SWEDEN:     They are on target to run entirely on renewable energy by 2040

COSTA RICA:     In 2017 they achieved electricity entirely from renewable energy for 300 days of the year

NICARAGUA:   In 2015 they achieved 54% electricity from renewable energy and aim for 90% by 2020

SCOTLAND:   In February 2017 wind power supplied 100% of Scottish households’ with electricity

GERMANY:   On the afternoon of 30th April 2017 85% of Germany’s electricity came from renewable energy. Germany has a population of 80 million

URUGUAY:   Is now 95% powered by renewable energy after less than 10 years of concerted effort

DENMARK:   On track to have 50% of their energy supplies from renewable energy by 2030 and aims to be 100% fossil fuel free by2050

CHINA:   China is fast becoming a global leader in renewable technology, exporting $86 billion of solar equipment in 2017. As the USA continues to step backwards with its proactive fracking industry, China is taking full advantage, pushing forward into the renewable energy market. They can see where the future lies!!

THE NETHERLANDS: All Dutch electric trains are now 100% powered by wind energy.

Food for thought..! We will have no control as to where the shale gas is sold. Much of the gas produced will be sold abroad to the highest bidder. It will also be used to produce plastic – not just to ‘keep our lights on’.