Threats Map

Members of the Steering Group of Frack Free Formby (part of The Moss Alliance) have studied a number of maps showing geological features and protection areas around Aurora’s proposed fracking site at Great Altcar. These maps have now been converted to the same scale and gradually combined in sequence, in order to demonstrate some of the constraints governing the direction of lateral drilling from the well pad.

Starting with the ‘base’ map of the area:1 Base Map

Applying the border of PEDL 164:2 PEDL 164

Then showing the site of the well pad and the subsurface potentially affected:3 Auora Site

Adding the regional fault lines – note how close two major faults are to the well pad:4 Fault Lines

And then superimposing the local groundwater protection zone:5 Groundwater

Before adding the groundwater (levels and quality) monitoring points:6 Groundwater Monitoring

Now also showing the local flood defence areas:7 Flood Risk

Before finally adding the boreholes drilled in/around the old Formby oilfield site:

8 Boreholes

The final map demonstrates the problems and constraints of drilling lateral wells deep underground in the location chosen by Aurora.